Run by Penny Harris, Octopus Sports Coaching was born from the passion of helping a wide range of people, from those already committed to improving and being their best to those that are nervous at the idea of starting on their journey and are unsure where or how to start and how to fit it in to their day, those that are at school and those that are retired.

What do we do? We work with your body and brain to get out there and keep moving. We are passionate about helping people achieve their goals and will teach you the tools you need to be ready physically and mentally.

The training and support are tailored to you, your goals and your dreams, no one else’s.

We are based in South West Pembrokeshire and travel to all areas by request.

The Octopus Sports Coaching philosophy is to motivate and challenge you to achieve your goals and more, with encouragement, support and empathy, whether it is your first 5k, a triathlon or qualifying for your dream race.

Octopus Sports Coaching. Helping you be your best one step at a time.


Octopus Sports Coaching. For you, your friends, your family.